In the heart of Las Vegas lies a drive through hamburger stand coupled with a boutique outdoor drive-in movie theater.  Burger51 is a charming blend of 1950's style entertainment amidst a futuristic dystopian theme. As they enjoy classic Sci-Fi short films, all viewers are provided with and encouraged to wrap tin foil hats around their heads (to protect against unauthorized government cerebral scanning).


Customers have the option to place their orders in Klingon language as they enjoy a menu which is an absolute retro-Americana masterpiece! The burgers are pure Angus simmered atop a flat griddle, with vine ripened tomatoes, hand leafed lettuce, American cheese, freshly sliced onions, and the famous burger51 sauce, all together under a freshly toasted bun. Movie fans can enjoy this burger with fresh hot buttered pop corn, a classic full sized candy bar, and wash the whole meal down with actual sugar cane soda pop in real glass bottles. We offer a full line of both Coca-Cola and Pepsi products.


The Short Film genre is recognized by the Motion Picture Academy yet these filmmakers do not have proper venues in which to display their work. Burger51 is the world's only movie theater dedicated solely and exclusively to the screening of the short film genre. Purposefully shunning today's billion dollar features manufactured by large movie corporations, Burger51 seeks to elevate the small independent artists in their struggle to achieve a level playing field.

These video materials are available to all those who wish to download them for use in both private and commercial productions. We maintain release documents on file for all identifiable models appearing in these short segments. These segments are available to all, absolutely free of charge.

We can accommodate film crews for news, documentaries, and other commercial television programing. We're available to assist journalist, investigative reporters, and member of academia, with any stories relating to Burger51.


Our entire staff is well seasoned, having continuously performed in all types of productions. We maintain a professional sound studio, green screen room, and editing bay on premises free of charge for the convenience of established production companies.


Our philosophy is to focus upon making your filming or writing experience as productive and cost effective as possible. We achieve this by delivering an excellent performance in a streamline fashion.


Intra-Show viewer spikes prove that placing a burger51 segment within your production is the surest way to pick up the tempo of the piece and drive home big ratings!